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I ship worldwide, doesn’t matter where you come from!
Only for 25 euros + shipping, you can’t get this anywhere else!

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I’m selling this ”old school” Cyberdog top (I suppose it’s old school, haven’t seen Cyberdog selling this top for a year at least!?)

In perfect condition, it just doesn’t fit me the way I want!
Bought about month ago from a girl, so it’s used but she’s been takin’ good care of it ;)

SIZE: ONE SIZE (but I guess it fits XS-M sizes the best!)
PRICE: 25 EUROS + SHIPPING (worldwide shipping!)
Send me a message for more details! :)

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i want every fuckin pieces of her clothes - luv it !

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aww so cute :’)

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Now you tell me where can I buy rave clothes in Amsterdam?!
Especially if you know any store that is selling Cyberdog I would more than happy!

Can’t find anything useful from Google and I’m desprate! plz help me! ;__;

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Watch Kerli DJ tonight on the NewNowNext Awards at 10/9c on LOGO.

I just adore this dress… If I ever lose more weight, def. ask someone to make me a copy of this !

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original picture: ~against-all-gods @ deviantart

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Can’t wait to have the cyber look <3 Going to buy my goggles pretty soon<3

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I like her outfit except those socks .__. (well I like socks, but not with that outfit!)

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omg this top is too perfect. my soul dies for it lol

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