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H&M blowned my mind tonight !1

I think I just died…. back to beats, hell yeah!

And I even found a forum for finnish girls, they were talkin’ how crap the clothes look like… well dingdong now I need to get them all !

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I decided,

to close my blogspot from the public.

I just don’t know what to do with it, I really like writing blogs etc but it always takes almost two months to update it so I can’t see no point to keep continuing… I really want to start new blog about my school/fashion inspo and everything related, maybe sometimes travel diary if I go abroad.

That’s maybe something more useful and not so much about my boring life… :D

I have quite many followers here in Tumblr and I assume most of you communicate in English so is there anyone interested to read my future blog in English? :)

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I should update my tumblr more often but I feel like there’s nothing ”worthy” to reblog, and I’m too lazy to scroll all pictures from last two days, since I’m not checking my dash everyday .___.

I really REALLY want to find new blogs so drop me a message if you think I should follow someone’s tumblr :) or blogspot or whatevaaah !

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I ordered some Cyberdog ♥ I’m supposed to save up, but what the hell…

Also, I bought used sphere skirt from a girl last thursday and I’m expecting to have it day after tomorrow and ladidaa so happeeh! ^__^ and so poor…

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it’s so fuckin’ awesomeeee ;_____; muuuuust… somebody, pay my dance lessons !

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sry for lack of updating…

I just started school and haven’t been much active with my website thingies… (well, I’m using FB and Twitter often, you can follow my twitter account if you like!)

But I’ll try to start focusing on hats and other accessories as I’m going to need inspiration for my studies (you can also start calling me mad camy hatter >:D), so wait for that if you share any interest for those kind of things :)

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THIS !!!!!!!!!!!!

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I’m selling this ”old school” Cyberdog top (I suppose it’s old school, haven’t seen Cyberdog selling this top for a year at least!?)

In perfect condition, it just doesn’t fit me the way I want!
Bought about month ago from a girl, so it’s used but she’s been takin’ good care of it ;)

SIZE: ONE SIZE (but I guess it fits XS-M sizes the best!)
PRICE: 25 EUROS + SHIPPING (worldwide shipping!)
Send me a message for more details! :)

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my honeybunny ♥ luv him so much, we had such a awesome trip together :)

had to share this, because this propably our first photo together where we both look like a human XD (though I had hangover that day…)

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I wanna go back to Amsterdam:(

we had so much fun there with Nikita…

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new shirt of mine from River Island! (Amsterdam) :)

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off to Amsterdam tomorrow morning

haven’t started packing yet…. awesome

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home alone

and I feel so lonely… want company :< or maybe I’ll just take one cider and eat my spaghetti.. alone…

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hardcore to the bone


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